Tom Ingate, photography lecturer at Falmouth University, and coach on this project.

These photo-essays show candid accounts of inclusive work.  

Tigger Pritchard: Adapting work life & advocating for autism

Naomi Stevenson: working while having a sight impairment

Neil Chamberlain: Being a company, while having MS

Lucy Wright: Working with ADHD and fibromyalgia

Claire: Type 1 diabetes wasn’t in the plan

Lucy Wright also created a TED-style talk about her journey as an employed person with ADHD and fibromyalgia. Watch it here.

We need to visualise inclusive workplaces.

Many representations of the workplace are inaccurate or misleading.

This is Tom Ingate, Senior Lecturer in Photography at Falmouth University, and he has been guiding participating self-photographers through the process.

The Emerging Inclusivity photo project uses participatory photography to help participants visualise their day to day working environment, with particular focus on the adjustments that an employee or employer has made to make work accessible.

Tom Ingate, Senior Lecturer in photography at Falmouth University

The photo-essay approach allows participants to capture not only the more visible adjustments of hearing loops or specialist office chairs, but also the smaller, less visible details that make the workplace accessible.