Case studies

Small businesses leading on inclusive work

Since 2019, The Inclusivity Project has collaborated with over 50 SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.

Innovations in workplace wellbeing (especially digital ones) have been both funded through grants, and have benefited from the expertise of University of Exeter academics.

Bias and inclusive recruitment

Ocean 3D using the camera purchased by The Inclusivity Project's grant funding


Using 3D photography to help access spaces online.

Now & Then web site screen shot

Now & Then

A new remote online training and demo service for customers.

Wheal Martyn

Cornwall Museums Partnership

Workshopping inclusion at all levels, for local museums.

Utopy web site


Developing a new digital coaching service.

Tigger Training web site

Tigger Training

Pivoting from face-to-face to online training.

First Light web site

First Light

Digitising and translating key domestic abuse documents.

Software Cornwall

Software Cornwall

A new workshop to help members develop their workplace culture.

Resilience & adapting through Covid

Justin Wiggan at Echo Point Tolvaddon

Glass Twin

Measuring the stress relief provided by a sonic bench.

Infinite choice web site

Infinite Choice

A wellbeing survey product for the 50+ workforce.

The Fox Project web site

The Fox Project

A podcast on workplace wellbeing. 

Brian Tregunna photographed with the sea behind him

Tregunna Life Coaching

A new before and after evaluation to help assess the effectiveness of coaching. 

Mid Cornwall Lifestyles logo

Mid Cornwall Lifestyles

Setting up a new Loan IT service.

Konnektis logo of two hands and a lap top


Testing how people feel about using hand signals during video meetings.

A person using a mouse with a wrist brace around their muscles

MSK Aware

Developing a policy framework they can use with businesses.

Farming Health Hub

Farming Health Hub

Older people accessing digital health support.

Katie White from The Best Medicine

The Best Medicine

Transferring laughter yoga services online.

Changing the system

People working at CHAOS farm


Uplevelling their co-creation model. 

Citizens Advice badge

Citizens Advice Cornwall

A survey to target future services.

Thoughttune app

Thoughtune App

A voice user interface for people with visual impairments.

Digital inclusion

Exploring digital inclusion has been essential. As this webinar Q&A featuring Ben Bolton of the Digital Skills Partnership highlights, digital inclusion encompasses internet connection, digital skills, and use of accessible technologies.

So You Want to Make An App?

Dr Beverley Shields, University of Exeter

From research, to the development of a diabetes app.

Wendy Powell, MUTU System

Director of core training app gives advice to wellbeing tech innovators.

Kyle Whittington, Bad Dinosaur

How to test early stage ideas, and save yourself time and money.

Liz Ashall-Payne, ORCHA

How to get your app accredited – the Holy Grail. 

Cosmic IT inclusion enterprise logo

Cosmic & The Disability Alliance

The Inclusivity Project worked with the Disability Alliance (a network of local charities) and Cosmic, a social enterprise offering digital skills training and services.

They co-designed a programme of online workshops around the theme of digital inclusion.

Over the course of six weeks, the network of 8 local charities gained the skills and knowledge to support their members through the challenges of lockdown.

I didn’t know how much there was already out there and accessible to us.

Edward Whitefield

CEO, Mid Cornwall Lifestyles

Photographs of workplace adaptations

Images of inclusive work are often staged. We gave several people cameras, and they took their own photographs of what workplace inclusion really looks like. 

View the whole project here

Lucy Wright, administrator for The Inclusivity Project

Lucy Wright

Working with ADHD and fibromyalgia.

Naomi Stevenson

Naomi Stevenson

Working with a sight impairment.

Neil Chamberlain

Neil Chamberlain

Running a company, with MS.

Tigger Pritchard, autism advocate

Tigger Pritchard

Adapting, while advocating for autism.

Cornish businesses on workplace inclusion

Case study videos commissioned by the Beacon Project.

Eden Project

Dawn George, HR director at Eden, explains how easy it is to adapt around staff with hearing loss, and welcome a diverse workforce.

Ocean Housing

Recruiting from a wider talent pool is key, says Nicky Forward from the Cornwall company’s HR department. 

Bluefruit Software

The Beacon Project talk to an inclusive Cornish tech company.

China Fleet

The Beacon Project talk to the Cornish hospitality venue about staff with long-term health conditions.

Foot Anstey

Local law firm shed light on employers’ main concerns around inclusive employment.