A week of free, 40-minute mini-webinars and Q&As on making work more inclusive

Sign up now for any one (or the whole week!) of a series of free Question Times on key workplace inclusion issues affecting your business right now. 

Of course, you’ll get a window into the lives of people and businesses with lived experience of developing inclusive working practices. 

But as well as that, you’ll get an easy-to-understand look at hot-off-the-press research into key aspects of workplace inclusion, springing from The Inclusivity Project’s last 3 years of talking to businesses and doing University of Exeter-led academic research into the field. Experts in bias, small business resilience, and from key local interest groups will chair discussions that’ll ripple into your conversations for the coming months. 

With each mini-webinar lasting only 40minutes, we’ve designed these to make it easy for you to drop in. 

During each webinar, we’ll first share a short video featuring an expert from our project sharing key ideas, followed by a hosted Q&A session where your participation is key. 


The impact week’s programme is as follows and you can sign up here

Mon 31 Jan 12 midday: Q&A on unconscious bias, hosted by Dr Daniel Derbyshire from the University of Exeter. 

Has bias against older or disabled people become something you’re more aware of in your own work life or organisation? Are you keen to outsmart it? 

Dr Derbyshire will be on hand to answer questions such as: Is there unconscious bias against older and disabled people in the workplace in Cornwall? How does Cornwall’s bias levels measure up against the national levels? Where, in practical terms, could bias show up, and what could we do to mitigate against it? Could unconscious bias training help? What’s next in the field of bias research? 

Tues 1st Feb 12 midday: Q&A on Hybrid Workplaces (part remote, part in the office) with Dr Shruti Raghuraman

If your business or organisation is transitioning to a hybrid working arrangement, where some employees work at home, and some in the office, or some do part-time at both, then this Q&A is for you. 

Dr Shruti Raghuraman shares learning from a toolkit she has been creating with Age UK Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. She highlights some of the common challenges and explains how Age UK have navigated them – and we’d like to hear from you about what the intricacies of creating this kind of work style are for your business, too. 

Wed 2nd Feb 12 midday: Q&A on neurodiversity in the workplace

Have you ever wondered what’s different for your colleagues with ADHD or other neurodiversity? This entertaining, heartfelt TED-style talk by Lucy Wright from The Inclusivity Project, will give you a new level of understanding and empathy. 

We’ll also be sharing photography from two neurodiverse people who have shared images from their work life and shown how it is adapted around their unique needs. 

Thurs 3rd Feb 12 midday: Q&A on Inclusive Recruitment with Theo Blackmore from disAbility Cornwall

How could you make your recruitment process more inclusive? 

Together with a practical, passionate video from Jane Johnson at disAbility Cornwall, Theo Blackmore Phd facilitates you sharing your questions and experiences of trying to widen your recruitment process at all stages. You’ll come away with ideas, inspiration, and a clearer idea of what ‘inclusive recruitment’ means for your organisation. 

Friday 4th Feb 12 midday: Q&A on Resilience for small businesses through Covid and beyond

What makes a small business resilient when the working world suddenly changes? What has helped your business survive Covid? 

Following a short video interview with Rachel Picken from Agile PR about how her business adapted during Covid times, Dr Emmylou Rhatz from University of Exeter, who has studied resilience over the last 3 years, will host a Q&A. We’d like to hear from you, and share some of the qualities that make small businesses adaptable and robust. Come along to share your experiences and your questions. 

Once again, the link to sign up is here.