The Inclusivity Project has accessibility grants available to help develop new digital tools that support accessibility at work.

The grants of £1000-£2000 are aimed at helping enterprises with R&D for new products and services that can help grow their business – by reaching a new market, launching a new product, or simply improving how they operate.

The Inclusivity Project focuses on how digital technology can support healthier, happier and more inclusive workplaces. Digital accessibility is an important part of our approach to inclusion.

We want to help local Cornish (& Isles of Scilly-based) businesses develop and use new digital products and services to grow their business.  

Chris Wood from Ocean 3D explains how our grants helped buy a camera for them to continue to create interactive 3D tours.

Why is digital accessibility especially important right now?

Nearly one in five people of working age has a disability. The ‘disability employment gap’ means that the employment rate for disabled people is just 54%, compared with 82% for people who do not have a disability[1].

This means that we are missing out on a whole load of talent, and many people who want to work, and who could work, are not working.

What’s more, many people at work are managing health conditions and disabilities that their colleagues may or may not be aware of. One in three employees in the UK has a long-term health condition, and this is likely to increase in future.   

How can digital technology help disabled people (and all of us) at work?

Digital technology is already helping to bridge that gap.

Whether it is apps that help people with dyslexia manage in the workplace, assistant apps that help people living with sight loss, or making sure that apps are built with accessibility in mind, digital products can help all of us to give our best at work.

How can digital accessibility help in Coronavirus times?

Coronavirus has enabled many people to work remotely and more flexibly.

For many people this has made working life easier. But the technology we use to facilitate remote working is not always accessible to everyone – or people may not know how to use the accessibility features that already exist. 

We know that Cornish businesses want to be good employers. And we know that there are great ideas out there for new tools that can help make life easier for staff with health issues or disabilities. The Accessibility Innovation Grant aims to help bring these ideas to life.


To be eligible, you need to be a small or medium-sized enterprise based in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. If you are not sure if you are eligible, contact or register your interest at LINK.


To apply, complete the short expression of interest form on this information page.

A member of the team will be in touch with you to confirm your eligibility and help develop your application.

For this first round, expressions of interest are requested by Friday 26 February, with full applications submitted by Friday 26 March. Applications will be reviewed as they come in.

Further rounds will open later in the year.

[1] House of Commons library briefing: