Developing a new online learning product that helps employees manage stress through laughter yoga

Katie White runs The Best Medicine, a Cornish laughter yoga company. When the pandemic hit, she contacted The Inclusivity Project. 

The Inclusivity Project contributed to The Best Medicine in two ways.

Firstly, Katie attended video production workshops, to learn how to use both phone videos for social media and more professional videos for online courses. 

Secondly, The Inclusivity Project awarded The Best Medicine an innovation grant to help them transfer their services online via the Teachable platform. 

The Inclusivity Project has really platformed my business in the sense that it’s given me the tools I needed to reach more people. It’s helped me shift from doing everything in person, to producing high quality online material that I have been selling via online learning platforms. 

I’ve learnt so much from the whole experience! In learning those skills, I’m now able to offer something new and provide a new service which otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do. 

What I’ve achieved this year from getting this funding will continue to grow. It’s enabled me to develop a new online learning product and create content for national and international platforms. The camera and equipment have also thoroughly improved my marketing material, which has helped me reach wider audiences. 

The workshops were brilliant and incredibly informative. I learned how to make my videos look professional; how to set things up, where to stand, how to do the lighting, editing, what microphone to buy and generally how to get my message across.

The technical stuff was quite daunting at first but the workshops made it all so accessible! I can see the difference between what I recorded with the equipment before attending the workshops and what I’ve produced afterwards! 

Now I’ve got my Teachable platform, I’d really like to add more content for adults, and more bitesize content to attract new customers. That will be my next project.

Katie White

The Best Medicine

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