Brian Tregunna is a coach focusing particularly on personal effectiveness and self confidence, having retrained after many years in the Fire Service and working with injured military veterans as a manager at Cornish charity Active Plus.

Brian worked with Inclusivity Project researchers Dr Daniel Derbyshire and Dr Emmylou Rahtz to develop a new mental wellbeing programme, The Best You’.

Brian developed and adapted content for online workshops and introducing a new before and after evaluation to help assess the effectiveness of the programme.

I was able to research, develop and evaluate a new pilot mental wellbeing programme, ‘The Best You’, that was very well-received and proved to be highly effective, helping to grow my business and reach new audiences.

I have further improved the programme and am now delivering it for a range of organisations across the county.

I have also used the learning to develop new empowerment and leadership programmes which I am now offering to local businesses.

Brian Tregunna

Tregunna Life Coaching

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