The Inclusivity Project is partnered by Age UK Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, who are going all-out to help their members during the Coronavirus crisis.

In this video, we talk to Lee Davies, communications manager for Age UK Cornwall & IoS, about how, during Covid-19, small businesses have stepped up to help deliver essential services.

“We have completely redesigned so many of our – what were non-essential services into essential services for the wider part of Cornwall”, he says.

“We see our volunteer drivers now still taking patients to the hospital – they’re doing renal, oncology and dialysis appointments.

“We’ve redeployed our day centres and they’re mobilising to deliver warm, beautiful meals.

“They’re doing shopping deliveries from businesses’ kind contributions and donations. They’re getting them out there to people.”

We are so so proud of all that our partners, both Age UK Cornwall, and disAbility Cornwall, are doing at the front line right now.

Older man at his door receiving a delivery
Age UK Cornwall have turned their day centres into meal production sites and deliver shopping donations from local businesses

Meanwhile, The Inclusivity Project is doing all it can to help during this wellbeing crisis and put it in context.

The sectors of the population we were hoping to improve the employment situation for – older people, disabled people, and people with long-term health conditions – are suddenly the most isolated, vulnerable, and exposed to alterations in their rights.

We have turned one of our research angles towards exploring how resilient businesses have survived shocks of all kinds – we’re aware that we’ll all be looking to other countries and moments in history for a roadmap out of this crisis.

You can find out more on our Research page.

And we are running a series of panel discussions online, bringing together some key thinkers in the field of small business, employment, disability and more to talk about how this huge societal shift has provided challenges, opportunities and questions about the employment and accessibility situation that awaits us.

You’ll see these advertised shortly on our Events page.

The Inclusivity helps businesses support wellbeing

It’s great to see so many businesses, during Covid-19, putting their contribution towards people’s wellbeing at the top of their agenda.

We hope that, after the lockdown finishes, small businesses will continue to find ways to support wellbeing once people – including older people, and disabled, and people with long-term health conditions – have returned to the workplace.

From the start of the project, we’ve given support (in the form of ERDF funding as well as expertise from the University of Exeter) to businesses that support other businesses. We’re always looking for those who have an interest in promoting wellbeing, and you can put ideas forward here.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

There may be some small businesses who can see an opportunity to create a new product or service that can assist employee wellbeing – perhaps something that can help other businesses too.

For instance, one of the businesses we have worked with is Infinite Choice, whose employee survey Hug has been extended with the help of The Inclusivity Project to include a set of questions tailored to the wellbeing of older workers.

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