This week, Emily Maitlis put equality back on the agenda when she made headlines with her powerful introduction to Newsnight. She said Covid-19 “was not a great leveller, the consequences of which everyone, rich or poor, suffers the same”.

At The Inclusivity Project, Emily Maitlis’s equality statement struck home. We are working to understand what the transition of this health and economic crisis will bring. For over a year, we have been working with small to medium businesses to easier and better for business to attend to diversity and workplace wellbeing.

But that employment gap is now only one part of the equality picture that we’re seeing emerge during the Covid-19 crisis.

Now, we’re thinking about how the equality picture is shifting, and how we can help businesses juggle their immediate cashflow pressures with the need to retain and look after their employees.

Resources for businesses to help your employees, including your disabled employees

I mention a couple of resources in the video – here they are! They are from the Business Disability Forum. They have webinars coming up on Covid-19 and mental health, and Covid-19 and Your Disabled Employees.

I also mentioned the excellent work that our partner organisations are doing to support people practically – find out more about what Disability Cornwall are doing here, and Age UK Cornwall and Isles of Scilly here.

It’s not only about the business picture, it’s also about research

In upcoming posts, we’ll tell you how our research arm, led by University of Exeter, is pivoting our research angle to best serve the employment situation around and post Covid-19.

We’re still supporting innovation – now more than ever

Throughout, we’ll be supporting businesses that help other businesses with workplace wellbeing, and especially any innovations that can meet immediate needs during the health crisis.

We can’t wait to tell you more about hot pasties and helpers

And we also plan to tell you more of the stories from the inspiring work our partners are doing to help their members in the community get through this.

Don’t forget, we always want to hear your views too – what are your immediate priorities with your business? Get in touch if you need signposting to the right information – there are many support services in the region you may not know about! Get in touch via our web site,

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