Invitation to the 10 year celebration of the University of Exeter ECEHH.

Throughout 2021 we will bring businesses, communities and the academic world together to reflect on the breadth of issues the Centre has been exploring and to network and discuss the opportunities for future collaboration and discovery.

Brilliant ideas seldom occur without conversation and debate and we invite you to join the discussion through our three part series of interactive online events.

Themes for the 2021 sessions include:

• antimicrobial resistance

• climate change and health

• healthy communities

• wellbeing and sustainability

• adding value to the economy of the South West 

• shaping policy at a local, national and international level

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EVENT 1 – The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you have come

  • 16th March 2021 10am-12pm

·      Showcase Reflect on how we have worked together to shape a decade of environment and human health research: exploring the complex links that impact local and global communities

·      Have your say Thinking back, looking forward – a chance to debate and help shape our priorities for the next 10 years

·      Spotlight Combating AMR with innovation – discover how our vital research is helping the global fight against antimicrobial resistance

Save the Date for the remaining sessions in this 3 part series:


EVENT 2 – Making the most of the G7 opportunity: a thriving community united around our health and wellbeing and in balance with our natural environments

  • 24th June 2021, 10 am-12pm

·      Spotlight Healthy communities, wellbeing and sustainability


EVENT 3 – Going forward better and greener

  • 6th October 2021, 10am-12pm

·      Spotlight Climate and other Environmental Change and Health