Since Coronavirus hit, we all manage our health with less visits to clinics, so apps form a bigger part of how we stay well than ever before.

The health app sector is burgeoning – and your business could be part of it.

On 2nd November, we’re part of the Chamber of Commerce Cornwall Festival of Business. The Inclusivity Project, led by the University of Exeter, is offering a free workshop for businesses who have an idea for an app.

The health app industry is ripe for both wellbeing businesses and for tech enterprises to step forward.

With over 300,000 health apps to choose from, ‘So You Want To Make An App’ aims to give a quick and concise overview. What does it take to get your app idea out of your head and into an app library?

The event is for small and medium-sized enterprises. #

So if your business is already involved in health and wellbeing and you want to get yourself up to speed with app development, come along.

Or if you’re tech-savvy already, but are looking to break into the wellbeing sector, this will introduce you to experts. And show you some real world examples too.

What does it take to get your health app into a health app library? These experts have the insider info for you.

As well as the development side, one crucial aspect of app development that you need to know about is accreditation.

Your new health app will need to be accredited to appear in libraries (such as the NHS app library).

So the fantastic line-up of speakers at this event will give you the inside view. You’ll learn how to earn your health app the coveted seal of approval.

  • Health app specialists Bad Dinosaur will be sharing their advice on how to find and brief your developer.
  • Dr Beverley Shields from the University of Exeter Medical School will share her experience. She gained regulatory approval for a diabetes app.
  • Liz Ashall-Payne from ORCHA, who are the world leaders in health app review and accreditation. She will talk us through the process of working with them.
  • And MUTU System CEO Wendy Powell will share her journey. She gained ORCHA accreditation and got on the list of NHS apps.  
Cornwall has a burgeoning tech sector perfect for launching health apps, and we want to meet you.

Kirsten Whiting from The Inclusivity Project says,

“It’s a really important time in the health and wellness industries and we are all relying on apps to help us to stay well more now than we ever have. We know how creative and innovative our businesses are in Cornwall, and we’re really looking forward to welcoming as many as possible to the workshop and hopefully seeing some of their ideas getting off the ground”.